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Collaboration with Manor High School delivering online support sessions for Y7 pupils who missed out during school closure

Some Y13 pupils from LGS have delivered online sessions to Y7 pupils at Manor High School who missed out during the first period of school closure whilst at primary school. We run weekly 'Reader Leader' sessions and 'Maths Mentor' sessions between Sixth Formers and small groups of Y7 pupils, supervised by a member of staff in each school, for safeguarding reasons, and delivered via Microsoft Teams.


To offer our pupils a chance to complete Community Service at a time when it is hard to find placements, and to offer the Y7 pupils a chance to catch up with work missed during school closure.


Links between the Headteachers of LGS and Manor High School and collaboration work between the Assistant Heads at each school.


Use of Microsoft Teams in both schools.


Weekly - it has been very well received by pupils and staff.

Pupil Involvement

Y13 Pupils from the independent sector prepare and deliver the lessons to the Y7 pupils from the link school.


Ongoing, weekly, we hope to continue this for as long as possible.