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Co-curricular programme at Green Oak Primary

Charterhouse pupils lead the bulk of the co-curricular programme at Green Oak Primary School, with a current focus on four clubs (three delivered solely by Charterhouse, the fourth in partnership with a Green Oak provider):

a) Multi-Sports Club - KS1

b) Creative Arts Club - KS2

c) Enrichment Society - Y6

d) Forest School - KS2


Green Oak is a small, Church of England primary school located very near to Charterhouse in Godalming. Having identified co-curricular activities as an area for growth, and having enjoyed informal links with Charterhouse previously, Green Oak now provides four co-curricular clubs for pupils in partnership with Charterhouse. There are currently plans to expand this further from January 2019.


Charterhouse works with Green Oak as a focus of its school partnership programme. The two schools share an Anglican ethos and much educational philosophy.


Charterhouse: 15 sixth-form students, two teachers. This is set to grow from January 2019.

Limited financial input apart from travel to Green Oak, and some resources


Around one third of Green Oak pupils are already enrolled in a club within two months of the programme beginning. Extremely positive feedback from staff, parents and pupils. Charterhouse pupils are learning a great deal in terms of leadership, how to interact with younger pupils, and teamwork.

Pupil Involvement

Charterhouse: 15 sixth-formers, male and female

Green Oak: currently c. 30 pupils, male and female, KS1 and KS2