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Claire Culliford - Little Helpers author workshop

Author Claire Culliford ran an author workshop at GSAL which was broadcast live to primary schools for pupils aged 3 to 6. The workshop also marked the launch of Bookmark, the literacy charity in Leeds.


To share high quality live, author workshop with 40+ primary schools and over 3000 primary pupils.

To generate a love of literacy amongst young children.

To raise awareness of environmental issues through an accessible and easy to understand story.

To help put Bookmark in contact with primary schools in Leeds who may need additional one to one reading support for their younger pupils.


Virtual, live workshops have already worked well for older primary pupils. This live event for younger pupils was an ideal platform from which to support the launch of Bookmark in Leeds. This is a new partnership between GSAL and Bookmark. GSAL partnered with over 40 primary schools to deliver this live event. This is GSAL's third event with an Authors Abroad author.


An excellent videgrapher who can change camera angles; an engaging author who is comfortable talkig to camera and remote audience and simultaneously with a live audience. An interactive programme. A reliable tech platform such as Zoom. A supportive community of local schools and teachers who are very active and engaged during the event.  GSAL contribute financially for the author and the videographer.


Attendance - 3000 pupils, 33 schools

Feedback collated immediately after the event  - during and after the event (live Q&A responses, Twitter, photographs of classes during the event and drawings done during the event by the pupils)

Pupil Involvement

Independent schools (3) - GSAL Primary, Ghyll Rhoyd and Moorlands School

State primary schools - 30 schools

Age 3 to 6 years.



Part of GSAL's school outreach programme. 

Run at least one similar event per term.


First virtual outreach event was in November 2020.