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Churcher's College: Weekly Swimming Lessons for Four Partner Schools (Sheet Primary School )


Churcher’s College are fortunate to have an outstanding indoor swimming facility.  The school has designed their own use of the pool in order to create gaps in the timetable where local state schools can also come and use the facility.  There are currently four local state schools; Herne Junior School, Petersfield Infants School, Sheet Primary and East Meon Primary School who use the swimming pool on a regular basis.  This project is ongoing and started around three years ago, shortly after the pool was completed.  The state schools use of the pool is below full market rate and they benefit from full and exclusive use of the swimming pool building to include changing areas and any teaching equipment.  Churcher’s College also organise a team of three coaching staff to facilitate the lessons, they also create and co-ordinate and appropriate program to ensure maximum pupil progression.




Swimming is without doubt a key skill for anyone to develop.  The aim of our partnership is to help provide an opportunity for as many students as possible, in our local community, to benefit from the advantages it can bring.  We provide a well-resourced and managed facility where students can develop their swimming; be it from basic water confidence and stroke development to initiating an interest in swimming at a competitive level.  




Our swimming partnership started around three years ago with just one state school and has grown to the three schools we work with now.  We also have other school user groups who use the swimming pool on a less regular basis.




This is an ongoing partnership where the state schools use the pool on a regular basis.  We hope that the partnership will continue for many years to currently come.