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Churcher's College: Secondary School STEAM Partnership Project (Crestwood College)

In association with the Royal Academy of Engineering, Churcher’s College has just launched its new STEAM (Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Mathematics) Partnership Project.  The aim of the partnership is to bring local schools together to work on STEAM based projects with the opportunity for collaborative work and healthy competition.  With Churcher’s acting as the Hub, we have eight state secondary schools and one other independent school who have joined us; we hope to grow our number of partner schools further as news of the project spreads. 



 To bring local schools together to share ideas, enthusiasm and resources.



We have established STEAM as a key feature of our own school curriculum.  On recognising the benefits, and with the enthusiasm and skills of key staff, we have launched Churcher's College as a Hub where other schools can join us to work on projects.


Churcher’s provides resources, structure and support to all partner schools.



We are keeping our STEAM Partnership Project as an ongoing aspect of our educational outreach work.