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Chemistry Workshop

The Science department at Kent College welcomed the Year 5 students from Capel Primary School for a Chemistry workshop.


The aim of the project was to give external primary school children the opportunity to use Kent College's facilites and enhance their curriculum using resources that would not be available in their own school. 


The opportunity was identified by the Heads from both schools. 

This was the first session between the two schools. 



Kent College's Science Laboratories were used on the day of the visit.

Mrs Debra Hopper, Head of Science and Mrs Kay Saunders, Science Teacher, ran the sessions with assistance from Capel's staff. 


The theme was Forensics and the pupils had to identify unknown substances using flame tests. They presented their results in the form of a forensics report.

As the visit fell shortly after Bonfire night, they were also given the opportunity to make sparklers using iron filings.

It was a very enjoyable experience all round. 

Pupil Involvement

Year 5 boys and girls. 



This collaboration will continue next year with the aim of running project based activities.