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Charity Fundraising

We raise money every year for The Shewsy (see separate entry), Restart Kenya (see separate entry) and the local FoodBank+. Each year we also raise funds for approx 20 charities per year.


We want our pupils to 'learn to give' their time and how to raise funds for worthy causes. By actively being involved in organising fundraising campaigns, our students learn how to persuade others to give and to understand the value of community work. This helps them to understand about privilege, responsibility and an awareness of the outside world.


Our main areas of fundraising are:

A whole school community Shewsy Walk with a £100,000 target - every 5 years. (all students participate during their time at the school) 

Support for Shewsy's "Big Give" campaigns in years between the sponsored walk. 

To support our partners at the local Foodbank+, as well as other local charities including, Shrewsbury Ark, Samaritans, Age UK and Severn Hospice. 


We hold a number of events per term, some organised across the whole school community soem initiated by a house, pupils or staff who choose the charity to benefit, including non-uniform days. 

We actively encourage and support individual fundraising projects. 

We have a 'Commendation for Charity' scheme: half of the Commendation prize (£5 donation) goes to charity, which is selected from a choice of 4 by each tutor group.



We have a pupil led Charities Committee which has a Charity Rep from each house. It meets twice per term and elects a Chair and Secretary. There are minutes and agendas taken.

Any member wishing to run a charity event liaises with our Charity liaison person (a teacher). We then publicise it on the intranet and via social media channels. 

We have a small budget to help set up events, but we mainly use time from volunteers - Housemasters/ mistresses, teachers and support staff. We also host assemblies for pupils on various charity fundraising events, especially if they are large scale ones.


Totals of our fund raising are kept.

In 2021-2022 we raised over £110,000 for 20 different charities.

We have these whole school activities e.g. our walk for the Shewsy every 5 years - this helps to promote school bonding.

Pupil Involvement

Our events may involve the whole pupil and staff body or they may be house based or individual - staff or pupils.


Charity giving is a permanent part of our school community and life. We have daily updates on events/ targets/ money raised sent via email.