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Charity - Cancer Research UK Christmas Concert

Each year, Stover School hosts a Carol Service in our Jubilee Hall for Cancer Research UK.


The event is free to attend although there is a collection should guests wish to donate to Cancer Research UK.


The partnership started around 2014 when one of our Governors suggested the idea and Stover School offered the use of its facilities. The project has been established for seven years.


The resources provided by Stover School include the Jubilee Hall, music and practice rooms, music staff and equipment. Stover School also provides the services of their site, technical, administrative, academic and catering staff. The attending parents pay for their tickets and all funds raised go to Cancer Research UK.

The school also provides its choir as part of a number of community fundraising activities including this event.

Pupil Involvement

Over 50 pupils from the Senior School Choir and Orchestra take part.


This event takes place annually and is ongoing.