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Charity and Public Music performances

The College musicians perform at a range of events throughout the year. These include:

Evensong at St. Oswald’s Church Malpas; Chester Music Society; Spirit of Christmas Concert at Chester Cathedral in aid of Neuromuscular Centre; Christmas Concert at Aldford Parish Church in aid of Church funds; Carol Service at Chester Cathedral; Passiontide Service at Chester Cathedral; Evensong at St.Paul’s Cathedral London; Gala Concert hosted at AGC; Christmas Carols with Chester Business Network.


To provide opportunities for the choir/musicians to perform in public and to raise funds for the charities represented at the events.


These projects are initiated by J Andrews, Head of Music. The College choirs/ensembles/musicians have a long history of performing in public and helping to raise considerable funds for a range of local charities by attending and performing at these events.


These events rely heavily on the expertise of the College music staff and the willingness and expertise of the pupils who take part. Time to rehearse is the major factor and the College makes extensive use of its music facilities to achieve the high performance levels of its musicians. The College mini bus is used to transport pupils where necessary and the College Choirs attend these events free of charge.


Pupils who take part in the concerts enjoy performing in public and enjoy the sense of having helped to raise significant funds for the particular charity that is being helped at the individual events. Due to the high quality of their performances the College musicians are invited back/rebooked for subsequent charity/public events.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils aged 7-18 from the College perform at these events as necessary.


Numerous events occur throughout the year and the choir performed in 9 public events throughout the 2018/19 academic year.