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Charities - Junior School

As a junior school we support many different charities.  The girls take part in different events throughout the school year including present giving at Christmas time, Harvest festival and house tuck shops.


Giving back to the local community through present giving.

Supporting the local food bank.

Supporting national charities.

Supporting Chailey Heritage Foundation school for children and young adults with disabilities.




The link with the Chailey Heritage Foundation has been established for 2 years.


School facilties and teaching and non teaching staff support pupils in their fundraising. 


Certificates from the charities to show appreciation of how much has been raised/given. 

Pupils become more aware of local and national charities and why they are raising money.


Pupil Involvement

Reception to year 6 girls.

Chailey Heritage pupils visited the school for the fundraising tuck shop.


On average 2 events per term