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Chaplain providing professional support

Tudor Halls shcool chaplain was available to the staff at William Morris to help them deal with the day to day day challenges that they face. 


To support any staff that needed the opportunity to talk through and get support with the daily challenges of their job and the tough working environment because of the nature of the catchment area.

To help raise staff morale and help them to feel fully supported by the SLT team.


William Morris is a challenging school and it was felt that the staff needed to be better supported to allow them to maintain good well-being. The school chaplain was available at all times to all members of teaching staff, allowing them to offload concerns and deal with the strains of the job. 


The school Chaplain gave up his time when required to support the staff at William Morris. 


This was well used by Deputy Head, many staff said that they liked that there was someone there available to listen to them impartially and support them if they needed it. The working environment improved massively for the teaching staff last year as SLT absorbed most of the challenging pupil or parent behaviour.


This was carried our for the academic year of 2018-2019.