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Chamber Choir at Fonthill House Nursing & Care Home

Our Upper Prep Chamber Choir perform a range of Christmas Carols at Fonthill House, providing opportunity for the residents to join in.


Entertain the residents whlst providing a Carol concert experience to those who are unable to travel from the care home. Provide opportunity for our pupils to socialise with the residents.


Our school made contact with the care home when it was first opened and we have been leading a Christmas Carols morning with them every December since.


Our Prep music department transport all the musical equipment required and provide the Carol booklets for the residents. The Prep Music Subject Leader and Music Assisstant lead the carols whilst another tho members of staff walk the pupils to the care home and support throughout.


The Carols take place every December and is well received by the residents each year. Our pupils benefit from performing and socialising with the residents.

Pupil Involvement

20 KS2 pupils from our Prep school.


90 minute Carol Concert every year.