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Centre 33 Christmas Tree Project

One of the local churches has an annual Christmas Tree Festival where community groups are asked to decorate a Christmas Tree in a way that celebrates an aspect of their group or community. We were asked by Centre 33 to help dress their Christmas tree for the festival. Centre 33 is a neighbouring drop-in centre where homeless and socially or materially disadvantaged people in the St Albans community can come to relax, be social, and enjoy a free meal and a drink.


The aim was to support a local organisation and help decorate a Christmas tree in collaboration with the visitors from Centre 33.  It was a community project that included the Centre 33 visitors and volunteers, our Middle School pupils and the Charity prefects. The visitors and volunteers were asked to write down a phrase or word that represented how they felt about the centre, these words were given to a group of Third Form pupils who made Christmas tree decorations that incorporated the words or phrases. Our Sixth Form charity prefects then gathered them together and took the decorations to dress the tree at the St Saviour’s church festival.


The Centre 33 drop in centre has been one of our closest neighbours for 27 years. We support the centre in a variety of ways including raising money, collecting clothes and toiletries for the visitors and providing Christmas gifts and gift bags for the guests.


The Head of Partnership coordinated this activity with help from the Head of Third Form. Art materials and assistance to make the decorations was provided by the Art dept. and parents and pupils provided extra decorations to complete the tree.

Pupil Involvement

A group of Third Form pupils made the decorations during an after-school art session. Our three Charity prefects decorated the tree with assistance from some Fifth Form pupils.


This was a one-off project that we hope to repeat in future years.