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Cavendish School 3G football sessions at King's House Sports Ground

Weekly term time football session for boys and girls from Cavendish School on King's House Sports Ground 3G hosted by Excel Sports as part of public benefit/community outreach initiative.


To foster good relations with neighbouring schools to King's House Sports Ground as part of community outreach/public benefit and provide opportunity for children to enjoy sport on our enviable facilities.

Possible bursary opportunities.


Initiative by Enterprise and Marketing Manager followed up with Cavendish School who had attended the King's House annual Inter Schools Football Tournament in previous year.  Football sessions hosted on King's House 3G by Tom Ainsworth of Excel Sports who is the exclusive provider of children's multi-sport holiday camps at King's House Sports Ground year round as well as player development and academy sessions midweek term time. Project established in September 2015.


Tom Ainsworth of Excel Sports essential to the success of this project on King's House Sports Ground 3G.

Attendance numbers rising from 10 at inaugural session up to 18-25.  Project to be reviewed term by term.

King's House School recompenses Excel Sports as part of its public benefit.

Pupil Involvement

Any age/gender. This project does not currently involve any King's House pupils.


Ongoing weekly term time sessions.