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Carlton School Partnership Work

We developed a partnership with Carlton School in 2019 and continued until August 2021, when the school closed. 

During our partnership, we focused on Book Week as inspiration for our collaborative work. Prior to COVID, pupils from Carlton came to St Christopher's and took part in the Book Week talks by different authors. 

During Covid lockdown in Spring 2021, we were able to fund the author visits to Carlton School virtually so that pupils from both schools had the same experiences. We then organised for the Year 5 classes to create pieces of writing inspired by the shared author talks. They then sent these to each other virtually and commented on the work. It allowed for collaborative experiences and communication between pupils, even at a distance. 


The aim of the case study is to show that even during isolation or separation, it is still possible to have partnership of opportunities and connections between different groups of pupils. 


This partnership started in 2019 and continued until the school closed in 2021. This case study is one example of our partnership work together. 


The collaboration between the two Heads of English enabled a purposeful experience for the pupils. 

The financial contribution was from St Christopher's School when funding Book Week author talks. 


"During the week of World Book Day, St Christopher's School kindly arranged for us to have virtual visits from the authors, Christopher Edge and Petr Horacek. First of all, Petr's workshop was amazing and engaged all of our EYFS/KS1 children, reading some of his books and demonstrating how to draw animals, such as elephants. Students in school and at home participated, and many wanted to send their drawings onto Petr himself, while I also received several positive feedback comments from our parents (and staff) who took part in the session. Christopher's presentation looked at space and the wider universe, as his engaging manner encouraged the students to be introspective. He also linked each point to one of his novels, encouraging the children to read them (which some of our students had already).

This wouldn't have been possible without the communication and support from St Christopher's, and a number of children have mentioned their author sessions to me since their return from lockdown-demonstrating that it has had a positive impact, and was a memorable experience."

Shayne Davids, Carlton Primary School

Pupil Involvement

Pupils in KS2 from independent and local state school


This book week partnership happened in 2019 and 2021.