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Careers Department 'Futures Fair'

The Careers Department of Mayfield School held a very successful ‘Futures Fair’ last term. Aimed at young people in Year 9 and above, it was extremely well-attended, not only by Mayfield girls and their families, but by students from seven State Schools: St Paul’s Catholics School, Skinners Academy, Bennet Memorial Diocesan School, the Judd School, Uplands Community College, Uckfield College, Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School and West Kent College. The day helped the schools to meet 5 of the 8 Gatsby benchmarks for their students, and offered the opportunity to speak to employers, universities and colleges, training organisations and Gap Year providers. There were lectures entitled ‘Understanding Apprenticeships’ from Apprentice Support and Knowledge; ‘How to Write a Competitive UCAs Application’ from Southampton University; ‘Unstoppable Together’ from the National Citizen Service; ‘Volunteering and Interning Abroad’ from Projects Abroad, and ‘Applying to University in the USA’ from UES Education.

Feedback from students and parents was very positive: people spoke of how they had been made aware of all the opportunities that exist, not just academic options. One pupil said, ‘I just didn’t know I could do half of these things!’