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Care for the elderly

Pupils visit, in pairs, elderly people in their homes; or go to care homes in small groups. They offer practical help, such as ironing, shopping, gardening or collecting prepscriptions. or just simply company. Twice a year events are organised where pupils and staff accompany those they have been visiting on a trip to a nearby attraction, or to tea and a concert arranged at Canford.


To offer companionship and practical help to elderly people who may not be able to do some tasks themselves.

To allow pupils to learn from the experience of those they visit.


This is the most longstanding of Canford's community projects and has been established for nearly as long as the school.


Canford teachers drive pupils to and from the private houses and care homes, oragnise the tea, trips and concerts, and act as hosts (with the pupils) at these events.

Three staff help every Monday afternoon, with others helping when there is an organised activity.

Pupil Involvement

About a dozen 6th form pupils, both girls and boys.


Two hours every Monday afternoon throughout the academic year.