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Care for the elderly in the community with St Antony's Convent

As our VI Form progress through school, the community in which she lives and works is able to extend not only beyond the classroom but into all aspects of School life on site at Leweston but also, where possible, into the local community. The opportunity to give back to the community is a vital component of our co-curricular programme. Through our Community Service links, girls are encouraged to create a meaningful link between their School life and the wider community. VI Form girls offer their services in their free time to our neighbours in Longburton or Sherborne who may need assistance in performing daily chores or who may simply need companionship and somebody to talk to regularly. The relationship between the Sisters who founded Leweston and the students is very warm and friendly, the Sisters, many of who are infirm, genuinely enjoy and need the company of the students.


The aim of the project is to enable the students to enjoy and develop relationships with our elderly community whilst supporting them through chatting and carrying out simple tasks such as gardening and helping with IT/computer skills.


The Sisters have a long relationship with the school, having established it 125 years ago.

Pupil Involvement

The students visit the Sisters every week for one hour.  The pupils are age 16/17


This project is ongoing