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6 state schools participate in a 6 week programme of activities, from maths to PE. The activities are held on a Saturday morning and F’Hill Sixth Form girls are paid as helpers.


The specific objectives of the project are:

1.         Pupils will become more confident contributing in their ‘home’ class.

2.         Pupils will become more confident working with others and making friends.

3.         Pupils will be able to express themselves orally and in writing with more confidence and maturity.

4.         Pupils will be more confident expressing themselves in a variety of different contexts (e.g. speaking & listening, drama).

5.         Pupils’ progress in school assessments would rise above expectations


Now in its 10th year, having started in 2010 with funding from the SHINE Trust. The funding ended in 2014, but the School decided to keep running the programme because of the benefits to local primary school children.


-       Classrooms and PE areas

-       Teaching staff


-       Paid Sixth Form assistants


Develop skills outlined previously

Raise aspirations of children

Show that educational success is beneficial and achievable

Community spirit

Foster relationships with potential feeder schools

Pupil Involvement

36 pupils – girls and boys – from the 6 schools


Every Saturday in the Spring and Summer Terms for 6 weeks