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Brownies and Rainbows Science Events

Withington hosted Science Events for local Brownie and Rainbow groups.


The events were planned and prepared by Withington’s Head of Science and the School’s Physics Technician. The Brownie Science Evening was delivered by the Head of Science alongside the Assistant Head and a member of the Biology Department. 

Withington’s state-of-the-art science laboratories were used for the events, which allowed the Brownies and Rainbows to watch more advanced scientific experiments.


The Brownie Science Evening allowed 51 girls to obtain their Science Badge. The Rainbow Science Night allowed 16 children aged between four and seven to learn more about science. 

The expertise and enthusiasm of Withington staff, combined with Withington’s advanced facilities, created an exciting and dynamic experience of science for the groups. 

The sessions also allowed the group leaders to gain ideas for new science-based activities they could run in their regular weekly sessions.  


Each Science Night lasted an hour and a half.