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British Red Cross Dance Competition - London Heats

Dance Make Your Move is an annual dance competition hosted by the British Red Cross to raise money for the charity. This is the 5th year running that Alleyn's has hosted the London heats at the School.


Dance Make Your Move is one of The British Red Cross' annual fundraising events. Each dance School who signs up to the competition is asked to raise money for the charity in order to take part. The winner of the London heats goes through to the national final which is held at the prestigious O2 in Greenwich, London.


Alleyn's partnership with the British Red Cross, Dance Make Your Move event is in it's 5th year and is continuing to go from strength to strength.


Alleyn's 350 seater theatre is hired to the charity at a reduced community rate. The facilitities include the state of the art theatre and include all front of house staffing and technicians and techncial equipement required for the day hire.

A production meeting is held in advance of the competition for Alleyn's staff to go through the scheduling for the day with the British Red Cross organisers. Technical equipment and other rescources required are discussed at this stage and set up for the groups in advance of the competition day.


Each dance group involved is required to raise money for the charity and all money from the show's ticket sales and bar profit is donated to the British Red Cross.

Pupil Involvement

The nationwide event is aimed dancers of all abilities between the ages of 4 - 18.