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Bring Me Sunshine

A programme that engages with our elderly community through a variety of different interests and activities and enables us to build enriching bonds. A calendar of events and initiatives across the year, involving different year groups, that either tie into our elderly citizens’ interests or extend existing school activities to incorporate their valued insight and experience.

It was felt that an overaching theme would pull the programme together so the students came up with the name of ‘Bring Me Sunshine’, a nod to the well-loved local comedian, Eric Morecambe.

In order to reach those in need, the students have established links with other groups and charities in our community who all share a passion to combat loneliness and isolation; Just Good Friends, Parkinson’s UK, Dogs for Therapy, the NHS, Lancashire Memories (a group that aims to recover lost childhood memories) and Fylde Borough Council. We also recognised that the students’ own grandparents and AKS school alumni benefit from our outreach.




The project has developed an ethos of volunteering across the whole school and underlined the message about the power of a smile and the value of conversation. Over half of our students have been directly involved with events, but the programme’s visibility to the entire school has helped inspire a new perspective on how a community should work and has encouraged students to consider how they can make a difference. Success has been shared through frequent assemblies, noticeboard updates, and presentations to the governing body.

We have been touched by the numerous positive comments shared with us from our elderly citizens in person, through emails, and even reviews on Facebook! They comment on how much they have enjoyed the activities and give us many more ideas of activities we can consider. 

 “What a lovely afternoon we had, made very special by all the students who danced with the community. You are all amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart”

“Bringing sunshine to our community… you are amazing!”