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Bright Sparks

Bright Sparks provides an enriching, fun and challenging experience for AG&T pupils in Years 2 and 4 from local state schools. They take part in maths, English and science sessions run by teachers from PGS and guest specialists; this year, local author Chris Connaughton joined us, along with the University of Protsmouth's astrodome team and maths specialist Gerry Walker. Around 90 pupils took part.


To engae young children from across Portsmouth in an exciting day of educational challenge.

The School identified the need to extend the use of our expertise and facilties to the local community.

Engament of other schools in the event and positive feedback from those who take part.

Local state and independent junior and primary schools


Through strategic discussion about how the School could extend its partenerships across the local community.

The Senior Leadership Team of the Junior School through its strategic planning discussions.

It has been running for 4 years


Human resources and school facilities. The sessions are run by PGS teachers and invited specialists, including the University of Portsmouth, and are held in PGS facilities. The event lasts for a whole school day. There are six sessions in total, three for eachof the two year groups. Lunch is also provided for all attendees. PGS covers the whole cost of the event.


The event is followed up by a survey to be completed by each school that attends. The feedback, year on year, has been overwhelmingly positive especially in terms of the enjoyment and enrichment experienced by the pupils.

Pupil Involvement

Out of the 10-12 schools that take part each year, one is our own and there is another indpenedent school that also attends; the majority therefore are state schools. Pupils are from Years 2 & 4 and are mixed gender.


It is an annual event and the plan is to run it for as long as it remains popular.