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'Bridging the Gap' RI Maths Masterclass with Chris Bell

Aldwickbury School host a series of six Royal Institution Maths Masterclasses. The afternoon events are attended by 64 enthusiastic young mathematicians from Aldwickbury School and seven other local mainted schools. The masterclasses are lead by a Royal Institution speaker and children have the opportunity to explore the subject individually and in small groups. Masterclasses are hands-on and interative sessions led by top experts for keen and talented young people all around the UK


To bring a different dimension to Mathematical education.


Aldwickbury School has been hosting Royal Insitution Maths Masterclasses for a number of years.


We were delighted to welcome Mr Chris Bell to school to deliver the first of the 2018-19 Maths Masterclasses for Year 6. The topic was ‘Bridging the Gap” and the gathered children learnt about the Golden ratio how engineers can use maths to create strong structures such as towers and bridges. The children were challenged to build a bridge out of only paper and nuts & bolts with the winner being the one to take the most weight.

Pupil Involvement

72 children from Year 6.


Six times per academic year.