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Breakfast Club Volunteers

Every morning during term time a team of enthusiastic student volunteers from The King's School, Canterbury visit St. John’s Primary School to help out with their Breakfast Club. Each volunteer is designated a day and they join the St. John’s children to eat breakfast and wash up together, as well as playing quiet games and reading with them. 

At Christmas and at the end of the Summer term the St John's breakfast club children join us for breakfast at The King's School.



  • To support St John's primary School at a busy time of the morning
  • To expand our pupils' realm of interaction, increasing communication and listening skills.


We have worked closely with St John's CEP School as they are our nearest primary school.

Open dialogue between our Parnerships team and the primary headteacher highlight partnership opportunities with mutual benefit.

Pupil Involvement

3 volunteers per day. 15 volunteers in total.


Every morning during King's School term times.