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Bradby Club

VIth form pupils take part in helping the youth club to run successfully. Duties include tending the bar, helping the adult staff in their roles and interacting with the young people at the club.


The chief aim is to support this very well established and successful local club in providing young people with assistance and advice.


The project has been around for a long time and its precise date of inception is now lost.


A member of Rugby School's teaching staff oversees this project and communicates reularly with the supervisor of the centre.


Feedback from the staff who work at the centre is usually very encouraging and appreciative.

Pupil Involvement

Rugby School pupils bring energy and vitality to the young people's experience at the club. They are encouraged to be fully involved in the running of the club, playing games and running the bar area.

Mixed gender of pupils and around 15 VIth form pupils are involved each week.


Each evening through the working week. On-going project throughout the academic year