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Box Hill Swimming Team at Ripley Court

Box Hill Swimming Club is a commercial organisation that provides swimming lessons for children at Ripley Court school some evenings and over the weekend.


The need to provide swimming lessons for children in the West Surrey area is acute, not least due to the shortage of swimming pool time. Numbers of children from the local area benefit from the tuition provided by Box Hill in the Ripley Court pool. These are not normally the Ripley Court cuildren as they get swimming tuition as part of their curriculum.


The refurbishment of the Ripley Court pool meant that there was an opportunity to provide more swimming time for external clubs and organisations.


Resources critical are the Ripley Court pool and the coaching provided by Box Hill.


None yet.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils aged 3-11 are the main beneficiaries.


The sessions happen on a weekday evening and on Sunday mornings.