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Bloodhound K'nex Workshop

On Thursday 11 February – the first International Day of Women and Girls in Science - the Prep School enjoyed a visit from Mike Ford, a member of the Bloodhound Education team for an assembly. Mike began the day with an introduction to the Bloodhound SSC, a 1000 mile-an-hour rocket car.

Years 4 and 5 then participated in workshops where they built their very own rocket cars made from K’Nex! Year 4 had great fun working with guest pupils from Kings Langley and Nash Mills primary schools. Both groups had a fantastic time building their cars, and watching them shoot down the track using compressed air.

Mike also gave the girls lots of information on the laws of physics which helped to propel their rocket cars, including a demonstration of Newton’s Third Law where he ignited a large tube of ‘rocket fuel’.

The winning teams are delighted that they will have their names added to the fin of the actual Bloodhound supersonic rocket car! It is hoped that the car will run soon in South Africa, reaching up to 800 miles per hour this year and up to 1000 miles per hour next! For more information on the Bloodhound SSC and their world land speed record attempt, please visit


To work cooperatively in a team
To problem solve using equipment and instruction given
To produce a working rocket car using their knowledge of previous and gained scientific knowledge
To work under timed conditions following specific criteria
To gain an appreciation of an aspect of engineering.

Pupil Involvement

A total of around 60 pupils with Year 4 from visiting schools (8 in total).