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Biochemistry and Ethics classes


Pupils from Dean Close, Chosen Hill, Bournside and Balcarras meet weekly in the first academic term to discuss topics and issues in preparation for university applications in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science.




Collaborative learning is intended to help aspiring pupils make successful applications in these highly competitive subjects.




The Heads of Science at Dean Close and Chosen Hill discussed and agreed joint collaboration in the support and preparation of university applicants, and Bournside pupils were invited to join the group.




Dean Close is offering classroom facilties, and the teaching expertise required in collaboration with Chosen Hill, Bournside and Balcarras staff.




This is the first cohort in 2018-2019 so assessment will be made of the success of application outcomes.


Pupil Involvement


These academic sessions involve 5-15 pupils in the Sixth Form from each school.




This is a weekly session in the first two terms of the academic year.