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Berwick Schools Rugby Programme

Developing rugby provision for local schools.


Aims:- to utilise the staff and facilities of the school to further develop the rugby provision of local schools as well as to support local and regional initiatives.

Need:- The lack of a suitable and safe area to conduct such an event gave rise to its inception.  Additionally a lack of existing provision and experienced/qualified coaches and officials from within the community resulted in a deficit to host rugby fixtures in the area.

Factors for success:- Success factors include the ability to cater for the rugby needs of all children within the local community.  Additionally, the ability to ensure periodic and appropriate fixtures is vital to the programmes success.

Beneficiaries:- Secondary school aged boys/regional rugby clubs and local development officers benefit from this programme.


The event was founded due to the on-going collaboration between the school, local state and independent schools and the wider community as well as strong links with SRU (Scottish Rugby Union).  The event was first formed in 2015.


The event encapsulates the use of the school site, facilities and staff for one full day of competition and one full day of set up and preparation.  The event additionally carries with it a financial responsiblity required to provide refreshments, lunches and staffing to accommodate these.


Qualitative assessment of the event is carried out on an annual basis through reflective mechanisms involving local rugby development officers.  The impact is viewed as essential in order to ensure periodic fixtures take place.

Pupil Involvement

The programme not only caters for local, but regional involvement of 11-18 year old boys from both state and independent schools.


Whilst hosting dates are organic throughout the season (catering to the needs of the local rugby clubs) there are typically 3 - 6 hosting dates each year.