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Beanstalk Book Festival

At Francis Holland School we host the annual Beanstalk Book Festival in our Senior Hall and Centre for Creative Learning. As well as this we support with fundraising and donations of good quality second-hand books.


Provide community access to our facilities. 

Facilitate reading in disadvantaged schools.

Facilitate training for charity volunteers.


The school was approached by the charity and we were keen to closely support it with the management of the event, as well as the catering and providing a suitable venue. There have been two Beanstalk Bookfests so far and we intend to continue the festival annually.


Venue provision (facilities, catering and tech support).

Headmistress and School Librarian attend.

Provision of second hand books from FHS pupils.

Authors are engaged to talk by the charity itself.


Feedback actively saught from charity partner and from volunteers/pupils on the day itself.

Success measured by growth of event each year with plans to expand the festival to more pupils as the new venues in the school become available.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from a range of primary schools around London are invited by the charity along with volunteers from the charity.


This is an annual event.