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Baby & Toddler Group

The Croft holds a Baby & Toddler Group every Tuesday afternoon from 1.30 - 3.00pm.

We welcome parents with their babies and toddlers to join us weekly during term time.  Although our sessions are open to everyone, we especially welcome parents with children due to join the school.  It allows both the parents and children to familiarise themselves with the School surroundings and to get to know our qualified members of Staff.  In this relaxed environment we can discuss any concerns you may have about your children starting School.

The cost is £2.00 which includes refreshments for adults and a drink/snack for the child.


We aim to create a warm and friendly atmosphere where newcomers are welcome and can soon become part of the group.  The sessions are organised to meet the needs of both adults and children.  We hope to promote infomal learning about parenting and mutual support during our relaxed sessions.  We offer good quality, safe, educational play with indoor and outdoor activities appropriate to the children's stages of development.


Weekly during term time