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Arts Connect

Building on the success of the Arts Connect music course run at Eastbourne College as part of Arts Connect 2014, Culture Shift is supporting the emerging band Delta 7 to continue to meet and rehearse, go to gigs and perform. The group meet twice a month, once at the Birley Centre to rehearse and once each month to go to watch a gig or perform.

Delta 7 are very grateful to East Sussex Adult Social Care and to the following organisations for supporting this work:

Eastbourne College - for supporting the project by providing rehearsal space, recording facilities and technical support as needed. Sessions are facilitated by a music leader and the Arts Connect programme manager.

Gig Buddies - for promoting and supporting the group to develop as performers and to access local gigs.

Additional support will be provided by Eastbourne College sixth form pupils and trained Arts Connect volunteers.


To develop links with the wider community and provide volunteering opportunities for our students.


The project has been established since 2014. We were approached to be partners in the scheme and it has proved a wonderful experience for all involved.


We have a recording studio and rehearsal space. Teaching and non-teaching staff are involved and student volunteers. The group meets fortnightly on a Friday afternoon for 3 hours.


The project receives on-going funding from the Arts Council and East Sussex CC for which qualitative and quantitative assessments need to be provided. 

Pupil Involvement

6th form students.


Ongoing. Will continue for foreseeable future.