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Charterhouse is a member of a community partnership which seeks to provide opportunities in all Arts for local people.


Several organisations identified the desire to coordinate efforts to promote and provide opportunities in Fine Art, the Performing Arts and Literature in the area. 

The need has been heightened by the pandemic and the limited opportunities to share Arts together and a desire to celebrate the easing of restrictions by bringing local people together through Art.

Good communication and a commitment to bringing about opportunities together is crucial.


The School's facilities are made available. These include the theatre, Hall and Chapel.

Heads of Arts Department and support staff will be involved in organising and supporting activities throughout the year, including school holidays. The School frees up staff to do this.

The time commitment over the year is approximately 30 hours of teaching staff time.

The School will donate money to support community Arts activities.


ArtGodalming formed in March 2021 and is planning an official launch in June 2022 by participating in the Jubilee celebrations in the town. This includes an art exhibition of pupil art in the Godalming Museum, with work from our pupils and pupils in other local schools.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils aged 13-18 will be involved in creative and performing Arts once the partnership starts activities.


This is a partnership that meets monthly for an hour and is ongoing