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Around the World in 40 Days: the 40 in 40 Lent Term 21 Lockdown Challenge

Our aim was to collectively cover the distance around the world (just over 40,000km) in 40 days, whilst raising money for various charities. This included staff, pupils and members of the Salopian community beyond the school gates.


Our aim was to collectively cover the distance around the world- just over 40,000km.   Pupils, staff, parents and former pupils are invited to take part and help us cover the distance.  Cycling, running, rowing, walking- whatever the activity, it was all counted!

We were raising money for 13 different charities.

Our aim was also to keep everyone in the Salopian Community together even remotely, and encourage exercise for all.


Encouraging exercise and team work in lockdown can be tricky but we decided to sign up to Strava for this challenge, to record everyone - whether staff, pupils, parents or other - in their exercise of choice and try to make the distance around the globe in 40 days. 

Of course this was tied into a challenging target to raise money for many charities throughout by encouraging sponsorship by family and friends.


Each member of the community taking part needed to sign up to Strava on a FOC basis, to record each activity and exercise period they did, all contributing to our school community page.


We raised over £13,000 for our charities of choice; each house chose a charity and there was competition between houses to raise the most as well as contribute the most distance to the event.

Severn Hospice – chosen by Churchills Hall
Plan International – chosen by Emma Darwin Hall
Mind and Zana Africa - chosen by The Grove
Justice Defenders - chosen by Ingrams Hall
Restart - chosen by Mary Sidney Hall
Great Ormond Street Hospital - chosen by Moser’s Hall
Young Minds - chosen by Oldham’s Hall
Severn Hospice - chosen by Port Hill
Cancer Research Uk / Restart - chosen by Radbrook
Andrew Grene Foundation / Restart - chosen by Ridgemount
Young Minds - chosen by Rigg’s Hall
Shrewsbury Ark / MacMillan - chosen by School House
Shropshire (Midlands) Air Ambulance - chosen by Severn Hill

Pupil Involvement

Over 600 pupils joined in from across the age ranges at Shrewsbury. Some 59 members of staff and 179 members of the wider school community also took part.


This was out Lent Term Lockdown challenge, taking us through those winter months to March, when we were finally able to be back on site together.