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Annual Crisis Fundraising

A fun family social involving tow of our pastoral House communities raised money for Crisis, a charity and cause that the school has supported over many years.


Crisits was the chosen charity for two of our houses this year. The Christmas social for parents and students raised £1400


SCC has always explored ways to support homeless charities. For many years Sixth Form students visited Crisis warehouses in their Christmas holidays, helping with sorting clothes and fundraising on the streets. Since Crisis tends to use corporate companies for such bucket collection fundraising these days, SCC is exploring new ways to engage with the charity, ushc as this event. 


School dining hall and gym

£1400 was the last fundraiser


This money equates to 50 homeless people being off the streets at Christmas

Pupil Involvement

11-18 - social event. Approx. 60 involved in social


Annual traidtion to raise awareness of Crisis' work.