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Anne Frank Ambassadors

As part of our Community Link scheme four of our Sixth Form Historians were given the privilege to act as youth guides for the Anne Frank Exhibition run by the Anne Frank Trust which took place at St Albans Cathedral. 


Using Anne Frank’s life and diary as a starting point, the aim of the exhibition was to power young people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination. In doing so, the Anne Frank Trust partners with schools, local authorities, the criminal justice sector and others to deliver educational programmes alongside acclaimed exhibitions to young people in a variety of settings


We have an ongoing relationship with St Albans Cathedral and our pupils volunteer there as part of our Community outreach work on a regular basis. We were contacted by the Cathedral volunteer coordinator who invited us to provide some Sixth Form pupils to help as peer guides and ambassadors. 


The school were supportive of the activity and pupils were given time out of their school day to train and act as exhibition leaders. The Head of Partnership and Community Link  supervised this activity.


This was a fantastic opportunity for our Sixth Formers who all felt they had learnt a lot about prejudice and discrimination and were empowered to embrace positive attitudes, personal responsibility and respect for others. 

Pupil Involvement

Four Sixth Form Historians were selected for this project.


This was a single event that last for a period of a month including training and the peer guiding sessions.