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An ongoing partnership with The Royal Star and Garter Home

We have established an ongoing partnership involving different events with The Royal Star and Garter Home in Surbiton. This partnership sees residents from the home attending our series of History Talks, our premier choir, the SHS Singers, visit the home to sing carols at Christmas and we also hold a joint memorial service every November.


The aims of the project are to bring about colloboration between different generations, where they can share experiences and learn from one another.


The partnership came about as one of our School Secretaries has links to the Royal Star and Garter and recognised the opportunity for collaboration.


The main resources involved are transport for groups between the Home and the School.

The School facilities are used to host the History Talks.



Pupil Involvement

The pupils involved are all boys (we are an all boys school) and they are aged 7-13 years old.


The activities vary but typically they take place each term.