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An Invitation to Year 5 Pupils to Watch Woldingham School's Year 7 Production of 'Joseph'

A yearly event designed to forge relationships with local primary schools including Woodlea Primary School, St Francis Catholic Primary School and St John's CofE Primary School. and to provide their pupils with some entertainment and hospitality for the afternoon.



The aim of this project is to forge relationships with our local state primary schools as well as local prep schools.

The critical factors for success are in providing an entertaining event which local schools will enjoy.

The immediate beneficiaries are the local state schools (pupils and staff), but also our staff and pupils in building important relationships.


The project came about as part of the school's Community Outreach project which has been in operation for a number of years.


The resources which are critical to the success of this project are good communication - from invitation to welcome to goodbyes, an understanding of the needs of primary school children, and the provision of an entertaining performance.

The Auditorium is used for this event.

Both teaching and non-teaching staff assist with this event.  Non-teaching staff are involved in the planning stage and teaching staff are involved in the actual performance.

There is no financial contribution involved.


There is no assessment of the benefits of this activity although there are often complimentary/thankful emails sent after the event from some of the schools.  Several will also attend each year.

Pupil Involvement

During any year 7 production performance, there may be some audience participation involved.


Visitors are generally both boys and girls of 9-11 years of age.


This activity is a yearly event and is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.