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Alleyn's Junior School Football Tournaments

Every year we host a series of Alleyn's Junior School Football Tournaments for Years 3 - 6 with an additional U11 Girls Football Tournament.  


The aim of the competitions is to offer our facilities and experience to a wide range of schools and to increase their involvement in school sport


Our Junior School Director of Sport identified a need for competitions across the academic year that could involve local state and independent schools.


We offer use of our extensive playing fields to selected local schools.  We organise and administer several football tournaments each academic year across all age ranges and genders.  We also run annual CPD (continuing professional development) events for coaching staff in local schools


Hundreds of children, each academic year, get the opportunity to play in a tournament environment and learn about football in an inclusive manner.

Pupil Involvement

Over 700 children attend from both local independent and state schools.  State schools who attend include Bessemer Grange, Dulwich Hamlet, Belham Primary, Honeywell, Rosendale, Stockwell Primary, Heber, Goodrich and St Anthony's.


This is a well established and ongoing programme of league and cup competions across the academic year.