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All Year 2 pupils at Harris Primary, East Dulwich, take part in swimming lessons at Alleyn's

38 pupils from Harris Primary, East Dulwich, had daily swimming lessons at Alleyn's School in July 2017. 


Lessons were taught by Alleyn's swimming teachers and the sessions were supervised by Alleyn's lifeguards.

The swimming pool was hired to the School free of change.


"All pupils taking part improved their swimming confidence and/or ability. Progress was evident e.g. two pupils had never been in a swimming pool before and were terrified to even get in the water - these two children were confident to swim with floats/other swimming aids by the end of the week."

Jo Conduit (Principal) Harris Primary, East Dulwich


Harris Primary, East Dulwich have been invited back in July 2018 for swimming lessons for their next group of Year 2 pupils.