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A teacher from Francis Holland teaches Ancient Greek to teachers at Kelmscott School

An experienced Classics teacher from Francis Holland School is also a trustee of "Classics for All". Beginning with a three-day summer workshop in 2017, the four teachers from Kelmscott School have now been able to introduce Ancient Greek to the curriculum in thier school. The project continues with after-school support once a week from our teacher.


This collaboration is designed to bring a knowledge of Ancient Greek and the ancient world to pupils who might not otherwise have the opportunity to study the classics.


This partnership has arisen from the interest and commitment of a dedicated teacher who has a passion for the classics. This has been running since 2017 and is ongoing.


The Francis Holland School teacher offers her time and preparation time to this initiative.


There is both a qualitative and a quantitative output to this project. By training four teachers from Kelmscott School, the impact can be spread out to large numbers of pupils.


The project began in summer 2017 and continues as a weekly commitment.