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A teacher from Francis Holland leads A level Chemistry seminars at City and Islington College


Joint A level Chemistry Seminar with City & Islington 6th Form College on 29 Nov 2017 – we discussed an academic article on the Chemistry of paper. Another session is planned for the Summer Term. They have also invited us to two talks: one on sustainable fuels and the other on a career in medicine given by a GP.



To support excellence in the teaching of A level Chemistry.


This project is led by the teacher at Francis Holland School who has responsibility for outreach. He is a chemist and he reached out to City and Islington.




There is a qualitative impact to this initiative and it is a genuine partnership, since we have been invited to attend events run by City and Islington College.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from City and Islington College who are studying A level Chemistry. Boys and girls, 16 to 18.


Twice this academic year and likely to continue.