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A second teacher from Francis Holland School gives Latin classes to Year 9 girls at St Marylebone

Francis Holland School is building a good and supportive relationship with St Marylebone School in the field of Latin. Girls who have followed a Year 8 course with us in 2017/2018 are continuing into Year 9 in 2018/2019 with a view to further collaboration in the future. The Year 8 programme is being repeated for a second cohort.


To offer Latin to pupils who would not otherwise be able to learn it - the Latin teachers' positions have been lost at St Marylebone.


The Headmaster from Francis Holland and the Headmistress from St Marylebone know eachother well and are keen to work together for the success of girls across both schools.


Francis Holland School offers teaching time, marking time and preparation time towards this project.


The impact is quantitative to the tune of some 20 pupils in Year 9. It is also qualitative since the outcome is academically quite evident.

Pupil Involvement

20 girls in Year 9 at St Marylebone.


Weekly ongoing from September 2018