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A Level PE Moderation at Pocklington School

Pocklington School hosts a practical PE assessment day for A Level candidates from Pocklington School and cluster schools:

Woldgate School

Wolfreton school

Beverley Grammar

The Vale Academy

Snaith School

Headlands School



The aim of the partnership is to provide a central location for assessment of the practical component of A Level PE examinations for cluster schools and Pocklington School students. The service ensures that examination and compliance requirements are fulfilled.

Pupils from Pocklington School and cluster schools benefit from this partnership, as well as providing a central moderation venue for the examination board.


Pocklington School offered its sports facilities as a central moderation venue.


Access and use of all sports facilities must be organised.  In addition, the grounds staff prepare the facilities, catering staff provide lunch and refreshments and there is medical cover for the duration of the moderation period.

Three teaching staff from Pocklington School orchestrate the service with help from nine external teaching staff


Positive feedback has been received from examination boards and cluster schools and Pocklington School continues to be used as a venue for the moderation of the practical component of A Level PE.

Pupil Involvement

Six cluster schools use Pocklington School for practical PE examination moderation. 


This is an annual event, which is held over 2 days.