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A concert to celebrate 100 years of the Armistice (WCS)

A joint concert with pupils from maintained schools to celebrate the centenary of the Armistice


To create and perform a concert educating the pupils about the participation in WW1 of past pupils and to enable them to make music for and with each other.

In order to be succesful the pupils would have to achieve a high level of performance in a central London church and hear other schools perform and hear readings about the times of the Great War.



The project was brought about by the clerk to the Governors wanting to celebrate the Armistice centenary.


Pupils, rehearsal time, staff. Hire of the venue.

One member of staff was involved on the day and one in rehearsals beforehand.


The concert was very successful. High standards of musicianship heard by all participants and the audience.

Pupil Involvement

Ages 15-18 with 12 pupils from Emanuel and a similar number from WCS


This was a one off project from a long term collaboration, next stage of which is a concert in March 2019