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Mr Antony Hudson (Headmaster)

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Day: 3 to 11

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Day: 3 to 11


619 pupils

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Impact of partnership work done in 2018 (ISC annual Census 2019)

  • 10 state schools involved
  • 500+ state school pupils involved
  • 100 staff hours given

Impact Statement

Every term we host an Able Writers Workshop inviting local schools to send representatives to attend. A recent session, with a focus on creative writing and poetry, was led by the author Sam Gayton. 50 pupils from 3 local state schools joined 50 of our pupils at the event. All the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and some children even continued writing when they got home!

Every year the school hosts a Football Tournament for Year Two pupils to foster relationships with two local Catholic state schools and enable all participants to experience tournament conditions regardless of their ability. 27 children from the local schools joined 30 of our pupils to play a round robin of matches. It is also an opportunity for parents to mingle whilst raising money for the ‘Parishes for Peace’ charity, through the sale of refreshments. All participants are challenged to take part in a penalty shoot-out against the local Parish Priest.
One parent commented “…it was so well organised and really played in the right spirit. My child absolutely loved it and you could tell from the other children’s faces that they loved it too. I overheard many complimentary remarks from parents and grandparents.”

We organise a yearly Maths Challenge during which we invite 20 Schools to compete in an event organised via consultation with Douglas Buchanan. Each School generally brings 6 pupils allowing 120 pupils to complete the various maths challenges. All parents are invited to attend and positive feedback has been shared from pupils, staff and parents.

Our Director of Music has reached out to local State Primary schools to offer to run Workshops to showing them how to incorporate musical elements into the subjects they already teach (not how to teach a class music lesson). This offer was accepted by two schools and a very successful session has taken place with another one planned soon. The headteachers have expressed their gratitude and some of the content shared is being used in the classroom to benefit the children`s learning.

We organised an Inter School Cross Country event in March 2018. 105 pupils form 6 local state schools participated along with 12 of our own pupils. This event was designed in liaison with one of our local state schools as it provides an excellent opportunity for the children to practise in advance of the District Cross Country event. We had some positive feedback from all schools and it has now been decided that this will become a yearly event.

There is bursary information on our website here.

  • Bursaries for new entrants
  • Hardship awards for existing pupils