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8th Norwich Sea Scouts

Led by a Group Scout Leader paid for by the school and open to young people from outside the Norwich School community, the group enables a wide range of young people to access sea scouting and develop both water and land-based skills.


To enhance the administration and provision of Scouting in Norfolk through the provision of facilities, equipment and training to other scout groups in the county and district.


Allowing use of the Groups equipment and the School facilities for venues has supported scouting across the county. This has included a Queens Scout Expedition from Colchester camping in our grounds; to larger events such as Norjam Scout Jamboree in which we provided sailing to over 400 scouts and the St George's Activity Day which attracts circa 300 scouts annually to a multi-activity day.

In addition we are happy to loan equipment and facilities to neighbouring groups to enable them carry out activities they would not easily be able to do on their own.


Norwich School’s Group Scout Leader provides coaching and assessing services to local scout leaders and young people and adults training to become outdoor leaders in order to increase the knowledge and skills of scout leaders across Norfolk and to support the development of young people and adults.

Pupil Involvement

The 8th Norwich Sea Scout Group includes two Cub packs, two Sea Scout Troops and, under a partnership arrangement with Eastern Norwich Scout District, the Octavi Explorer Scout Unit. The group is one of the oldest, largest and most active Sea Scout Groups in the UK with over 220 young members from age 7 to 18 and over 100 active adult leaders and instructors. Members are drawn from the Norwich School community alongside 32 young people from 16 local schools.


Members meet weekly for activites throughout the year, and attend annual events such as the Summer Camp and Easter Cruise.