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7-aside primary school football tournament

Emanuel school hosted a 7-aside football tournament for our local partner primary schools on our school playing fields. 


The aim of the event was to provide a fun-filled afternoon of competitive football for Year 4 boys and girls from our local state primary school partners. 
Our partner schools have little to no access to wide open green playing fields. Few of our partner schools' Year 4 children have the opportunity to compete for their schools in a friendly round robin tournament. Many of our partner schools are keen to offer more opportunities for sport and struggle given budget cuts in this area.


We are in regular communication with our partner schools. Through discussions, we are able to identify where we can collaborate to address a need. 


Emanuel hosted the event on our playing fields. We worked with Fulham Football Club Foundation (FFCF) staff to run the tournament. We both provided some of the equipment and FFCF staff refereed. 

The event ran from 12.00 pm to 3.00 pm. We had eight primary school teams of 10 to 12 boys and girls competing in a series of round robin matches culimating in a grand final. 

Emanuel School funded the FFCF staff. We provided heavy snacks for children, staff and parents and a trophy for the winning team. 


This exciting event provided the opportunity for young people to participate in a competitive tournament. Feedback from participating schools was overwhelmingly positive. 

Pupil Involvement

Emanuel pupils were not involved in this activity. 

Pupils from our partner schools were in Year 4. 90 boys and girls participated. 


We are planning to hold three football tournaments this year - one per term. 

We will continue to run these in the future.