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Girls' Schools Association (GSA) partnerships

The Girls' School Association is committed to the powerful potential of educational partnerships.

GSA schools work hard to forge partnerships with state schools and their local communities. Across the country, individual GSA schools are working collaboratively with state schools in a wide range of initiatives that make a positive contribution according to local need. These include sharing specialist teaching resources, joint careers programmes, sharing facilities, joint professional development, arts and science initiatives and more. Many of these are showcased on the individual school pages on this website.

Occasionally, the GSA teams up with like-minded organisations to form powerful partnerships that have the potential to involve all our members working together on the same initiative. The GSA looks for projects that will enhance the education of the students in it's own schools and those in state sector schools too.

The GSA also enjoys close working relations with the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) which operates across both the state and independent sectors and the Association of State Girls’ Schools (ASGS).

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GSA partnership case studies

Online seminar: Creating partnerships with impact

This online seminar will be delivered by GSA member Nina Gunson who is Head of Sheffield High School for Girls, GDST. Nina will discuss examples of her school’s partnership work which make a positive impact by raising aspirations and improving attitudes towards education, sharing her key principles for successful partnerships. Inspiration with plenty of practical advice and useful insights to help you develop your own ideas.

Course audience: Anyone with responsibility for partnership activity
Course director: Nina Gunson (Sheffield High School for Girls, GDST) and Rachel Kerr (GSA)
Date: Monday 27 April 2020 at 3 pm
Cost: GSA schools £45/non-GSA schools £75
Venue: Online
Registration: Book online here